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2015-07-05 08:19:35Z from Generic

Retaliating Manager.....

Mean Asian manager. Will call you a liar right to your very face. If you tell him one thing, he will think that your a child and that you have to lie for a $0.50 towel. Just get the towel and give it to the customer. I could never see Motel 6 or some other hotel complaining just to get "1" towel. And than call you a liar right to your face. Well i guess that is what you get from a small establishment. And that is exactly why this will always remain a "small establishment". Very mean argumentative manager. Just be ready to deal with him....Bummy manager. if you think about coming here than think again. I hate to say it...but these Asian men at these hotels are anything but courteous. even to woman. discriminating bums...they have the crappiest lobby any man wouldn't want to see. take your money and then act mean. refuse to rent to you if you want to stay.....Avoid and run far far away from this lousy hole and dirty embarrassing box spring away. you won't miss anything but a dirty box spring and one towel in the room with two guest so that you have to contact management so the manager can call you a liar to your face. what's waste of time energy and space...

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2015-07-05 08:22:33Z from Generic

Horrible Manager...the Pitts....

Loud mouthed manager. the Pitts. Don't use....scamming manager....takes services....

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2015-07-05 08:26:32Z from Generic

Uneven Pavement, Small Uncomfortable Lobby, Not ADA Approved...

Handicapped people get ready to file your claims.....this place is not ADA approved. many violations. If you need money, come here and sue this owner today!

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2015-07-05 08:35:14Z from Generic

don't use...

uneven pavement, horrible looking box springs, retaliating manager, loud mouths and argues with customers...don't use...

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2015-07-05 08:38:18Z from Generic

dirty box springs...manager retaliates on his consumers

don't use....avoid...


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